‘Adopt Me’ Announce New Sky Castle, Pride Pins And More In New Video

In a online video posted mere moments in the past the team at Undertake Me have announced a whole host of new goodies for the next update whcih will go stay on 10th June (or tomorrow relying on when you&#8217re examining this!) The update will consist of the new Sky Castle, pride pins, pride flags moreover give us a trace of a new quality pet.

The Sky Castle will now be the location to go if you want to invest in potions. The present potion whop will vanish when the update goes dwell and you&#8217ll have to consider the trip skywards to get your goodies. If you don&#8217t have a flyable pet I wouldn&#8217t be concerned as you&#8217ll be capable to get to the Sky Castle by way of the in-match blimp. Within the Sky Castle, you&#8217ll also be in a position to get a glimpse of the new quality cobra pet. The pet gained&#8217t be are living with this update but the statue in the Sky Castle will give you a good idea of what it may seem like.

Adopt Me
Credit history: Uplift Video games

The update will also introduce tons of new satisfaction pins for your avatar or pets furthermore brand name new satisfaction flags which you can use to embellish your home.

The update will go live on 10th June 2021 at 15.00 GMT

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