death-stranding-on-pc-is-a-beautiful-rendition-of-kojimas-american-apocalypse	(thesixthaxis)

Death Stranding on PC is a beautiful rendition of Kojimas American apocalypse (TheSixthAxis)

TSA writes: “Its been a truly very long time since fans of Hideo Kojimas queer auteurship were ready to ride his work on anything else nevertheless a Sony console. While his jaw-losing conclusion to the Steel Gear Solid series shipped across a entire lot of platforms, the truth that Kojima partnered up with Sony in the wake of his removal from Konami led many to ponder he would be increasing video games exclusively below the PlayStation banner for years to realize. The writing perceived to scrawl additional across the wall when it used to be printed that his most in kind game, Loss of life Stranding, would be utilizing a modified version of the Decima engine utilized by Guerrilla Video games, the first-birthday party Sony studio identified for the Killzone series and Horizon: Zero Break of day.”

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