Im making a horror game and Im struggling to make it so that when you pick up all the items it does something

heres the script:

regional Cursed1 = match.Workspace.Goods.Cursed1

community Cursed5 = match.Workspace.Objects.Cursed5

regional Cursed4 = sport.Workspace.Items.Cursed4

local Cursed3 = recreation.Workspace.Items.Cursed3

local Cursed2 = sport.Workspace.Objects.Cursed2

if Cursed1 and Cursed2 and Cursed3 and Cursed4 and Cursed5 == nil then

script.Mother or father: Damage()


heres in which the items are:


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for the random pleased experience its “script.Mum or dad:Destroy()”…

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