Pet Update Now Live In Weapon Fighting Simulator On Roblox

Yup that&#8217s right, pets, or fairly banshies (yes I know that&#8217s misspelt but that&#8217s how they spell it in the video game!), are now accessible in Weapon Fighting Simulator thanks to the most latest update which went dwell currently. They are incredibly simple to get but will acquire a very very long time, or a lot of Robux, to get them to their greatest stages.

To get a pet only head to the Magma Valley place and you will see the new pet spot on your remaining. Below you will see the Egg Merchant, Hatching Residence, Evolution House and the Talent Instructing Dwelling.

Check out the online video below to see the new area in the flesh:

To get a pet you&#8217ll want to go to the Egg Merchant initial. Listed here you will come across all of the existing eggs at present for sale, these are randomly created. You can possibly get what is on give or re-roll the variety and see if you get everything improved. Maintain in thoughts that you only get just one free re-roll each and every six hrs, any much more and it will value you robux.

When you&#8217ve obtained yourself an egg go in excess of to the hatching residence and find your egg. A timer will commence which can vary from 12 -24 hrs, as soon as this timer reaches zero you can then assert your pet or if you&#8217re emotion wealthy you can invest robux to get them instantly.

They can be levelled up like weapons by fusing them with other pets, you can also spend Qi and Spirit Stones to degree up / evolve them into considerably more robust variations of by themselves.

There is an awful whole lot to this process and it will acquire a whole lot of grinding or some quite deep pockets ahead of you manage to max them out. Even with this, they are a welcome adjust from the usual updates from this game, go look at it out now!

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