Why a Generic Payment Platform Is Crucial for the Company You Plan to Become

We all know that premature optimization is the root of all evil. But I’d like to make the argument that when it comes to your business or side task, you must imagine about adding a payment gateway in a generic way to empower scale and innovation to guidance your increasing company.

When I joined Roblox five many years in the past, we were being not the payments system that could electrical power an yearly financial system of $one.nine billion in bookings (as of 12/31/2020), utilizing 11 payment associates with 59 different currencies throughout 99 supported nations around the world. I’ll notify you how we acquired in this article, and how creating a generic payment system upfront enabled us to ramp up as speedily as our enterprise. Payments are usually ignored as a resource of innovation and impact. But building your payments system the suitable way up front can open up up new options, make it possible for for innovation and optimization, and make a aggressive gain for your enterprise.

Initial, what is a “generic payment system?” I am making use of this phrase as a wrapper for any gateway or processor that facilitates the receipt of payments from clients. I’ll be referring to the 3rd functions that do the payment orchestration as payment companies or gateways. A generic payment system opens up centralized logging, fraud, metrics, protection, and swapability of payment vendors. A generic payment system enables you to AB-check companies that may well have better credit history card completion costs in specific geographies or fraud costs in particular parts. It also enables for automatic fallback if a supplier goes down, which transpires additional than any of us would like.

You are sure to transform payment suppliers, in particular credit card vendors, down the highway. If you believe that your company will be productive, the fees you’ll get as a 5-person garage shop vs. a global ecommerce platform are commonly unique. Also, the company you selected early on might not in good shape your desires as you grow — some of the most well known companies have confined worldwide penetration. There are numerous reasons to change companies and tying on your own to a person may well imply you are hurting your bottom line with each invest in.

Roblox takes advantage of a broad range of payment vendors, and has also discontinued doing the job with just as lots of. We presently have desktop suppliers, prepaid card providers, and application retailer providers. We have parted methods with at minimum four payment suppliers because I have joined Roblox.


I am heading to attract a large-amount architecture of what I suggest by plug and play payment companies. Roblox is on a microservice architecture, but if you’re just starting off out, you in all probability shouldn’t be. The logic below can be both a support or just separated at the software layer.

Discover how payment processing is just one stage in the over-all circulation of the payment. Starting off out with just one provider is the ideal get in touch with, but be confident to imagine about what would come about if you resolved to include a second. Would it be uncomplicated to update the routing logic or would it be another undertaking with a lot of refactors? The encapsulation early on will also support with pondering about protection and PCI Compliance.


I won’t go into a lot of details of how we lay out our facts, since it may perhaps not suit your use circumstance, but at a large level, I want to emphasize that the payment processing step must be a phase that can conveniently be replaced and transformed. Do not tie your details shops to the payment processor’s facts layouts. I would even suggest looking at various companies and how they deal with the principles of auth, seize, and subscriptions, and decide on a generic facts keep with all payment provider-unique logic encapsulated in a completely individual desk.

Info will most probably be most tricky for you to update afterwards. Believe about what you will need to have from persistent vs. not-persistent data, and how lengthy you will want this information saved. I would strongly recommend structuring the data to allow for afterwards integrations with a membership products. Even though you may not be pondering about subscriptions now, if your business enterprise even has a possibility to go down that road, program the data retailers to accomodate for that. I won’t go into all the added benefits of a membership-primarily based monetization system (there are a large amount of resources on-line for that), but predictable earnings allows for you to system additional ahead for your organization.


Subscriptions are one more location that will profit from generalizing absent from payment supplier-certain logic. The subscription architecture for payment vendors is vastly distinctive. Most just one-time payment purchases abide by the same design of “charge the consumer now.” For subscriptions, on the other hand, a few various versions exist:

Make absolutely sure that all your subscriptions arrive via just one central data pipeline with generic renewals, cancellations, and (most importantly) grace intervals. Some modals like the pull modal will enable a membership to stay active until you hear back from the company. If your provider goes down or has continual timeouts you will be stuck furnishing a product without having actually charging the consumer. This might be ok depending on what membership giving you have, but our virtual currency has an intrinsic value so we want to be extra thorough on membership renewals and cancellations.


I hope I was capable to persuade you of likely the generic route from your early implementation of your payment gateways. I will not counsel what payment company you must apply, but with any luck , you see that your choice of payment supplier isn’t the most critical determination. The most essential choice is how to architect your program in the ideal way to have the option to very easily exchange your payment supplier in the upcoming.

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